UniwarI’m not much of a fan of strategy games, I prefer quick action game play that I don’t have to wait for. But there’s something about Uniwar that’s a little different and makes this sort of turn based gameplay fun. I’m not sure if it’s the simple concept or the ability to play the game online with others, but it’s a pretty great game.

The game follows the same ideas that games like Advance Wars all those years back and provides a more modern experience with it’s turned based gameplay. Developed by Xpressed, Uniwar is a simple turned based strategy game that involves moving your characters over the hexagonal board in order to get to a place you can attack the enemy. There are three races, Sapien, Titan, Khralean with Sapien being a Human race, and Khralean being a strange sort of monster/alien/dragon/worm race.

Uniwar HD

Each round depending on the setup you’re awarded a starting fund which can be used to purchase other characters for your Uniwar army. Some of the maps also have neutral bases that can be captured by either player which gives an advantage over their opponent. All though individual online games can be pretty slow, you can just keep joining more until you’ve got a steady stream of continuing games. The only real downside to this game is the notifications. Unlike some games you’re notified with a sound or some sort of icon in the notifications bar. If you’ve created an account, Uniwar will email you each time a game it’s your turn. If you’ve decided to start a bunch of games then you’ll soon find that you’ve got an inbox full of about 30 emails from this game. Good news is that notifications can be turned off.

Like most turn based strategy games, you’ve got a series of units to choose from using your in-game fund. These can go from the simple ‘ground unit’, to a more extreme ‘ground heavy’ unit. Each unit has it’s own stat’s and depending on the unit type you may have to compromise on move distance to have more of a stronger attack. Each unit takes the terrain into consideration with forest or mountainous terrain more difficult to cross, but desert and grassland are easier and give each unit more spaces to work with. Terrain can also provide better cover if you become victim of an ambush.

Uniwar is ridiculously easy to pick up with an endless amount of multiplayer games to join as well as a single player campaign. Each game has a time limit of 24 hours too so if your opponent doesn’t make a move until then you win the game!

I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone, even the most casual gamer because it’s so simple to pick up and play.

You can get Uniwar from:
Amazon App Store(£3.18)
Google Play(£3.18)
iTunes App Store(£0.69)

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