Apple seem to be churning out a whole bunch of ‘mini’ products lately and the iPhone certainly isn’t missing out on the mini treatment. We wrote about Apple’s plan to release a cheaper more budget iPhone, and it turns out the iPhone Mini might just be that so here’s all we know so far about the rumoured budget iPhone Mini.

It’s been rumoured that Apple have been working on a budget iPhone something I suspect is making the late & great Steve Jobs turn in his grave. But before you start imagining a tiny iPhone the size of a flash drive – think again. The iPhone is rumored to have a larger screen than the iPhone 5 – a 4.5-inch to be more precise with plastic body straying away from the later iPhone models that are almost made entirely of glass & aluminium – it’s also rumoured to come in more colours than just black and white.

I think if the rumours are true, it might be a huge selling point for Apple because this particular model is set to hit stores some time next year at around $330 (around £220) and who knows, people are into the Galaxy S3 and that has a plastic body, in fact, a lot of the top selling Android phones have plastic bodies.. I think the likes of Samsung, HTC & LG might have to watch their backs if this really is true.

[Source: Macotakara]

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