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So the mantle is Robin is up for grabs. This is since Damian Wayne met his end recently in the comic book series Batman Incorporated. So you’re probably hoping for some spoilers into how it happened right ? Well you wont have to worry about that since I haven’t actually read it yet.

Thanks to the internet I’ve been informed that yet another Robins feathers have been clipped. Already the internet is rife with rumours that another has been introduced and will eventually take up the mantle of Batman’s dynamic sidekick.

Though before we begin this witch hunt I’d like to pitch an idea of what perhaps this Robin bring to the fold. Prior to my dramatic ideas let me give you a bit of context on the publishing history and fan reaction to the former Robins.

Dick Grayson is usually the most favoured of the sidekicks and usually the one called for media adaptions.

Jason Todd is arguably the Robin with most fan hate. In his original appearance Jason replaced Dick Grayson after 60 plus years as Batman’s teen sidekick. Many have criticised Jason first appearance of being a carbon copy of Dick Grayson because Jason had the exact same backstory to Dick, Both were acrobats and had their parents killed as a result of crime. Jason even dyed his originally black hair to be Robin. The red hair was later removed from previous stories.

After Jason’s death at the hands of the Joker and rougher dark origin story of being a street urchin failed to impress readers along came Tim Drake. Tim is considered a fan favourite and broke the mould of what it meant to be a sidekick. As smart as Batman and just competent. These mould changers lead onto my idea. The next Robin should have super powers. What superpowers they should be is something you’d have to decide on your own.

Just think how different it would be and how useful as an asset Batman would find this?

The tension Batman would have training someone whose physically better then him and different from all those before. Imagine how the relationship of sidekick and mentor would change as one has powers and the other could be rendered inert in some situations?

Do I have some ideas of this character should be? Yes.. but that’s to be continued.

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