WiiUThere’s something about the Wii U that even though it’s a great, innovative console people just don’t want to spend near on £300 for it. It might be the lack of exclusive and anticipated titles like Pikmin 3 and Zelda, it might be the fact that to purchase another Wii U touch screen controller it’ll set you back about as much as the console itself. It might be that users find the touch screen controller a bit of an impractical gimmick? Well, no matter what it is UK retailers have been slashing prices on Wii U bundles by as much as £60..

ASDA one of the UK’s leading supermarkets first slashed the online prices of their Wii U bundles by £50 with the basic bundle now costing only £199 and the premium bindle for £249. Amazon.co.uk followed suit and are also offering the same prices for the basic and premium bundles. Finally we’ve got Shop-To who slashed the price of the basic pack by £60 (25%) now costing £189.85.

According to CVG the “Wii U trade price has not changed” which means that if the previously claimed trade price is correct (£205 for the basic model) retailers are selling at a loss.

Are Wii U sales that bad?

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