wordsplosionSo we’ve all seen mobile word games like 94 Seconds, Diction, and Fridge Words but what they all do is either offer a selection of letters to work with, or an objective subject with a beginning letter. Compared to Wordsplosion those games are childsplay. Here’s why..

The aim of the game is to get the best score possible by guessing  a five letter word. There aren’t any clues at the start, there’s only the beginning letter. Players get one hint, five guesses, and a time limit for each guess. If the time limit is exceeded it takes a guess away from you. In terms of letters you’re given to use, well you get the entire alphabet.

From the word go this game is the most confusing yet simple game you could imagine. There aren’t any instructions, you just have to guess. Along the way you are given a hint that reveals one letter, as well as various Mastermind-esque clues in the form of correct letters but in the wrong place.

WordsplosionSo you’re given a five letter word that begins with M it could be anything. I try ‘MOUND’ and it shows that the ‘O’ is a correct letter in the correct place. the ‘U,N,D’ are incorrect so they appear red on the on screen keyboard. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use them again because you can. I try ‘MOUNT’ but again it’s incorrect and the ‘T’ goes into the incorrect pile. I’ve realised that I used the ‘U’ and the ‘N’ again but that was in order to eliminate the ‘T’. From the screenshot on the left I can’t actually remember what the final word was. It’s stupidly hard, but once you get into the game it’s hard to stop.

I wrote earlier about a Mastermind-esque influence. Well remember that game that involved coloured pegs you had X amount of guesses to guess the correct colour combination and if you’re right, but in the incorrect place, lights would indicate that you had X amount of pegs right, but in the wrong place. Wordplosion does that but in a less cryptic way. If you have a correct letter but it’s in the wrong place the letter goes into one of the four empty circles above the guess area. This then gives you more of a chance to guess the correct word by placing the letter in one of the four spaces.

With each correct guess a bar goes up as well as your score, the bar is for your free letter, this is a fairly simple hint, it basically just shoots the right letter in the right place, sometimes it helps, sometimes it leaves you scratching your head even more than before. But that’s the same with every aspect of this game.

Much like most puzzle games the further you progress the more impossible the words become to guess, for example; after 12 successful guesses I was given a 5 letter word beginning with ‘X’ and no, it’s not ‘XRAYS’. After being out of time five times, I was given the answer.. ‘XENON’. What the fuck is that? (Oh, Wikipedia say that it’s a Chemical Element located at the far right of the Periodic Table of Elements.. Oooooh)

Overall this game is as addictive as it is frustrating. It’s the most simple concept that most word games overlook. You’re finally given the chance to use your brain rather than trying to unscramble a series of letters, or guess a fruit that beings with ‘P’. The game is absolutely divers with each level being difficult for one person, but easy for another. It’s definitely worth downloading and at least giving it a try.

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