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With the ‘Add to Wunderlist’ update earlier this week I now feel it’s time to give Wunderlist 2 a full review. I’ve been using it daily across multiple platforms, trying all the updates, features and more for some time so it’s time for the full breakdown. When released a few months back, Wunderlist 2 aimed to redefine the task management app and make it bigger, better and more beautiful then ever before. However, did 6Wunderkinder pull off the act of revolutionising their to-do list, task management product?

Wunderlist Multiplatform

Redesigned from the ground up the biggest change to Wunderlist at it’s core is that it’s now natively supported on all major platforms. Mac, iPhone, Web, Android and Windows PC. It’s a big move to build Wunderlist natively for all this platforms but it pays off. The result is a guarantee of faster and more stable performance, with an overall improved core architecture. It’s here that Wunderlist really stands outs with it’s beautiful, simple and stunning user interface. Not only is it designed with usability and intrusion in mind but also to allow for a unified experience across all platforms. This is a huge plus for the app as it ensures that not matter which platform you are on or device you are using, features are controlled in a similar manner.

Speaking of features, Wunderlist is pack full of them. It’s main focus may indeed be a simple yet beautiful to-do list but deep down it’s a powerful project management product. It’s one of those brilliant products that allows the user to get more out of by putting more into it. This means that Wunderlist isn’t pushing loads of features at the users right from the start. They are placed across different layers, sections, panels and more. Nothing is hidden however and everything makes sense to the users just from the visual but Wunderlist is manages to keep things clean and tidy. You have to give it to 6Wunderkinder. They know how to design a beautiful yet functional product.

Wunderlist’s second core ideal is that all your lists should be seamlessly synced across all your devices and they pull it off. I’ve used so many products that fall short on this element. Thankfully though Wunderlist is able to take care of syncing easily and hassle free ensuring that your lists with be on all your devices. It’s a useful, helpful feature which is also the most important thing that Wunderlist offers. This is of course the backbone to smart and intelligence lists, reminders, notifications (push, emails, in-app notification center), subtasks, notes, the option to print lists and of course the new ‘Add to Wunderlist’ feature added this week. There is so much that Wunderlist can do not just as a to-do list but also as a project management tool, that your be pleasantly surprised.

By far though the biggest improvement made with Wunderlist 2 is the new sharing options and activity center. This is where Wunderlist really stands out from the rest on the market, offering integrated social support and collaborative working. Invite friends and colleague’s to list, complete tasks together, have them add their own and much more. The feature really allows for users to get more productive and with activity center, your always up to date on your friends and colleague’s doings.

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Wunderlist is just such a user friendly product hosting numerous great and exciting features that it’s hard not to recommend it. Though I wish it had time tracking on tasks and integration with a few other applications and products. I feel this isn’t a concerned to let Wunderlist down as the continued support and updates keep me excited and surprised. In closing, Wunderlist has always been a great to-do list product but with the new improvements made in Wunderlist 2. It rises above the rest and shows that it’s so much more under the surface. i can’t wait to see what’s next from 6Wunderkinder and Wunderlist.

Wunderlist is free on all major devices, grab it today from www.6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist

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