With the amount of entertainment available to us at the click/press/tap of a button, the ability to create the perfect home cinema system is becoming an easier objective to complete. One thing that would make any home cinema system perfect is the addition of a 3D projector. Or any projector for that matter!

I’m going discuss three projectors in this post in terms of what you get for your money so I can hopefully help with your choice when choosing a projector.

HD600X-LV-100-3First off, lets look at the Optoma HD600XLV. This projector is on the lower end of the price scale at around £370 and offers a bunch of features which could suit most home entertainment systems.

The Optoma HD600XLV has the option to either mount onto your ceiling or have on a table top. (Something which I think is the most important feature from a projector). This particular projector is HD ready at 1080i or 720p with a maximum ‘screen’ size of 359 inches though the highest pixel resolution is 1280 x 800 which may lead to the overall picture being a little blurry it’s largest size. The Optoma HD600XLV is also 3D compatible, but in order to view your TV or games console in 3D you’ll have to purchase the 3D glasses needed which are sold separately.

One thing that can make a projector fail is using it in daylight, often the picture can be washed out by the bright light. This projector however displays the image at 2500 ANSI Lumens which makes this Optoma is powerful enough to produce a well-defined and bright image.

This particular projector also has a maximum distance of 12 metres so it’ll work perfectly at the back of a large room.

HD600X-LV-100-7You’re quite limited as to what you can connect to this projector with only one HDMI input and one VGA input which means you’ll be switching leads if you want to play Xbox after watching HDTV or a DVD which may be fairly difficult depending on if you’ve mounted the projector or not.

With projectors you need to take into consideration the lamp life, this particular model has a predicted lamp life of 4000/3000 hours depending on what mode you have it in.

Overall this projector is a fantastic projector on a budget, it feature a fantastic display ability which claims to be bright and well-defined, even on white walls in daylight. The only thing that lets this particular model down is the lack of connections which if this projector is ceiling mounted could render it impracticle for regular use with a games console and TV.

HD25-300-2A fantastic looking mid-range Projector is the Optima HD25. Priced at around £800 this projector is a perfect mid range projector which is notches above the previous HD600XLV. This projector has the ability to provide a ‘screen’ size of 300 inches at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which even though it doesn’t offer a larger scree than the HD600XLV it does offer a higher resolution which at it’s full size will offer a much better, clearer image.

the HD25 also offers full 1080p HD images at 2000 ANSI Lumens which is a little less than the previously mentioned model but this particular projector offers a Dynamic Black feature which helps give it a stunning contrast ratio of 20,000:1 and the ability to offer deep blacks and bright whites – side by side by smoothly adjustinh the lamp output based on the brightness information of each frame. Along side another feature the BrilliantColour feature. This processor uses six separate primary and secondary colours to produce a new level of colour performance which in turn adds a more vivid colour to the overall output image making it appear brighter.

This projector can also be table or wall mounted and The Optima HD25 also offers full 3D imaging with one pair of 3D glasses included. The maximum distance on this projector is 10 meters, again would suit a large room, but it a little shorter than the previous 12 meters of the HD600XLV

HD25-300-6In terms of connections this projector is a vast improvement on the HD600XLV with two HDMI inputs and two VGA inputs which offers the ability to have your Xbox/PS3 and HDTV box plugged into the projector without the need to switch cables.

Overall this projector offers the things that the HD600XLV is missing as well as g a huge improvement on the picture output. In terms of cost it is a little pricey just for a few more connections, but the improvement on the picture quality is certainly enough to justify the price.

dla-x7_av_02Finally we’ll mention the JVC DLA-X75RBE this is at the very high end of the price band at a bank breaking £7,000 but it’d be interesting to see how this compares to the previous two.

The JVC DLA-X75RBE has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a £7,000 projector starting with it’s resolution. First we had 1080p, that’s a top notch resolution that the HD 25 offered at a reasonable price, but the JVC DLA-X75RBE offers a full 4K HD picture.

The maximum screen size however is around 200 inches, but with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is set to display absolutely phenomenal visuals and colour. At only 1200 ANSI Lumens this projector isn’t as bright as the HD600XLV but with the amount of technology this projector has in it to provide fantastic picture’s it outweighs the projection brightness. The JVC DLA-X75RBE comes with an improved optical engine and wire-grid, which gives the DLA-X75 a stunning native contrast ratio of 90, 000:1. Unlike the previous projectors the JVC DLA-X75RBE offers only 4000 hours of lamp life in Low mode. If this is accurate that would mean that in the higher brighter modes the lamp life will significantly decrease making this particular projector fairly high maintenance.

This projector also has full 3D capabilities with glasses sold separately.

dla-x30_rvIn terms of connections the DLA-X75 offers two HDMI inputs, one VGA input, and 1 component (RCA; Y, PB/CB, PR/CR) input as well as analoque RBG input. Perfect to hook up to absolutely anything.

Overall if you’re after the monster truck of projectors to show off to all your friends which literally has cinema quality the  JVC DLA-X75RBE is certainly for you. For £7,000 you’re mainly paying for the technology which isn’t widely adopted yet and could render your picture a little too large causing it to blur. The projector does have the ability to display 1080p HD images, but then you spend £7,000 on something you could have only spent £800 on.

Projectors come in all specifications and these are only a brief look at some available at different price brackets. For a more detailed look at what’s on offer I’d recommend Richer Sounds who are an established retailer and a great option for anyone looking for a projector.

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