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She's Carrieing on a tradition

Today I am going to give you two lessons for the price of one. Not only will I inform you about another character but I’ll also inform you about the world of alternate universes.

To explain were Carrie comes from first when need to go through the history…of another world.

In the 1980’s Frank Miller wrote a graphic novel called Batman: Dark Knight returns. The book was set in alternate universe which took place roughly ten years after the current incarnation of Batman.

The world is a darker place. Batman has retired after the death of the current Robin of the time (Jason Todd) and has become a blobbed out physical mess sporting a moustache and a drinking problem. Eventually Bruce is persuaded to get back into the cape and cowl. Cue Carrie.

Carrie Kelley is your average Gotham citizen teen. A Skilled gymnast and a computer expert (handy huh?) One night after walking home through an abandoned arcade with a friend she it attacked by members of the mutant gang.

The mutants are a gang of hyper violent punk style youths bent on overrunning Gotham.

Batman crashes in saving the day and inspiring a young Carrie to fight back against the mounting crime in the city. Back home it’s revealed the Carrie’s parents are empty headed lay about’s who don’t even seem to remember they have a daughter.

Carrie dons a Robin play costume and begins to patrol the city with her primary weapon, a slingshot.

Along the way she ends up crossing capes with Batman after he is savagely beaten by the mutant gang leader.

Carrie helps him into the Bat-tank (which inspired the Dark Knight films Batmobile), Batman is so beaten he believes it’s spurned former Robin Dick Grayson. In this universe Batman treats his Robins as employees, they step out of line they are fired.

So to sum the next part up, as you guessed Batman takes Carrie in and trains her to be his sidekick. I’m going to stop here though to avoid major spoilers.

So why did I decide to tell you about this specific hero? Well Carrie has just turned up in the mainstream universe. It turns out Carrie is a college student with an interest in drama and was giving Damian private tutoring.

Already she was seen in a party scene in a Robin costume in the current issue of Batman and Red Robin. So if you put two and two together…

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