Superheroes are everywhere. It’s the most popular genre in comics. So when a non-superhero character becomes the main character in a Marvel or DC book, it’s a big thing.

You'll have to speak up
You’ll have to speak up

One of the big things I’m talking about is Deadpool. Aka Wade Wilson.

Deadpool is a master mercenary with a habit of just not dying and humorously criticising the tropes of comic books. What makes Deadpool stand out from the long line of skilled killers is his ability to break the fourth wall.

The fourth being when a character acknowledges that he exists in a film, TV show or comic book. Deadpool constantly points out his existence in comic books and points out popular opinions on subjects like Star Wars and the reception on the work of Marvel comics.

Wade Wilson began life as a solider with a life prior a complete mystery. After Wade develops cancer, he volunteers for the Weapon X program. The Weapon X program is a joint a Canadian and US army program which aimed to create a new super solider.

Weapon X is the program which endowed Wolverine with his Adamantium skeleton.

What the Weapon X program did for Wade was endow him with a healing factor like Wolverines and damaged his mental state, think like a more house trained Joker.

Deadpool’s place in the universe is pretty much on the outskirts. He can be seen taking minor role in things in the big scheme ofit all. Though every time it ends with hilarity.

Because of his costume, which he wears almost all the time because of his disfigured face. This is what has lead to the jokes being made about his resemblance to Spider-man, only in appearance of course.

Most characters in super hero comics have a clear allegiance. Good or bad. Deadpool has mostly danced in between. Though deep down, he tires to be a good person. Even though his interpretation is a little warped.

In an alternate reality story Deadpool goes on a killing rampage after being tortured and kills everyone in the Marvel universe and eventually comes into our reality and confronts the comic writers.

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