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Ok were not here to Judge Dredd, but I’d Dredd to do it in front of him if I had to.

Judge Dredd is a character from the 2000AD comics, a company which publishes a series of dystopian cyber punk stories.

In the world of Judge Dredd most of the planet is a nuclear wasteland and uninhabitable by humans, this is commonly referred to as the cursed Earth.

Those remaining humans reside in Mega-cities. The judge’s stories mainly take place in Mega-city one which runs from Washington to Boston.

Mega-city one is home to 800 million people and highly over crowded. Since most of the city is maintained by robots employment is low and crime is high and many have a poor quality of life.

Democracy is replaced by a fascist system in form of the judges. The judges act as the law. They replace the jury, the judge and the executioner as they are able to dispense a sentence on the spot.

Joseph Dredd and his brother Rico are clones of Chief Judge Fargo at the age of 5 years old began training to be a judge. Dredd’s brother Rico turns out to be corrupt and looses his role as a judge.

Dredd’s face is never seen and is always covered by a helmet. He nevers takes any time off and only spends ten minutes in a sleep machine and goes back on patrol.

His total kill count is half a billion people. This is through his duties and even activated a nuclear weapon destorying a chunk of Mega-city one and the Russian mega-city East-meg.

Dredd is seventy years old and is kept young with a series of drugs.Dredd has also crossed over with Batman and in conflict knocked him out.

Outside of the comics Dredd has been adapted into two live action films. One stared Sylvester Stallone in the 1995 critical and financial flop Judge Dredd.

Fans disliked this adaptation because Dredd was seen to take of his helmet and pursue a romantic relationship, something which is forbidden for judges.

Karl Urban starred in the British and South African Dredd and was more faithful to the comics. It did while critically but did not recuperate it’s production costs.

Though do look out for the comic adaption of the next sequel in September

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