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So now were onto the third hero who took the mantle of The Flash. Sadly this one character that could be suffering from middle child syndrome.

Wally West was the nephew of Iris West, the girlfriend of Barry Allen, the second Flash. Wally had hero envy for Barry since he was a police forensic scientist and was just all around a nice role model. One night the two were in Barry’s lab as Barry revealed his superhero origins, Wally joked about not happening twice.

At that instant lighting struck twice and hit a case full of chemicals and endowed him with the same powers of The Flash.

Wally then took the sensible step and became Barry’s sidekick Kid Flash. At first Wally dons a costume identical to Barry and acted a little like Robin but could run fast. After a while the Silver age granted Wally a more unique outstanding costume.

The Silver age refers to a time where superhero comics were heavily inspired by light hearted science fiction conventions. In one issue Barry is infected was bizarre alien energy which hits Wally’s and changes his costume completely.

Outside of Barry’s colourful little world Wally joined the Teen Titans and was one the original trio of teen superheroes that took down the villain Mr Twister was led to the formation of the Teen Titans.

When it comes to Wally’s personality he loved the limelight and originally proclaimed that he would lead the Titans until Robin sensibly reminded him who was in charge. Along the way it was revealed Wally never totally enjoyed the superhero life and always wanted a more normal life, eventually. But it never came. When Barry passed away Wally took on the mantle of The Flash and joined the Justice League. Wally did his best to do right by Barry’s legacy and Barry was in always in Wally’s thoughts.

Among all the superhero escapades Wally managed produce to speed force endowed children with spouse Linda Park.

Wally currently hasn’t appeared in the New 52 and is apparently being held on the sidelines. Though it may be a while into Wally pops back into the comics (there are plenty of trades from pre 52) Wally does have a hefty media career behind him.

Wally is the most media friendly of The Flashes. He appeared in the Justice League cartoon and in Young Justice, though sadly gave his life to save the world.

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