The Flash

The Flash

So now we come onto the final hero who took on the mantle of The Flash.

In the future, Barry Allen gives birth to a son named Don. Don falls in love with the Allen families rivals the Thwanes who’s legacy includes two Flash villains, Professor Zoom and Cobalt blue. They produce a son named Bart. Bart is gifted with super speed and thanks to this he aged rapidly and is put into a virtual reality to compensate for his rapid ageing and cement his love of computer games. His grandmother Iris takes him to the past deciding the past superheroes could show him how to use his powers.


Because Batman referred to him as ‘impulsive’ Bart went by the superhero name Impulse. He stayed with speed master Max Mercury in ManchesterAlabama who taught him to be a superhero and Bart became part of the superhero team Young Justice which consisted of Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Arrowette, Wondergirl and Secret.

Bart’s personality was cartoonish with a healthy appetite for video games. Unlike other speedsters anything he read at super speed he could remember. Bart joined a new formation of the Teen Titans in San Francisco and his clownish act was not going to cut in a darker world.

The team set out to aid in the evacuation of an explosion in a public area Bart encounters long time Titans enemy Deathstroke (or as he’s known in Teen Titans; Slade) who shots him in the knee several times. After being rushed to the hospital his knee was artificially replaced. He then couldn’t run as fast as he did before.

As soon as he was able to walk (so a couple of hours) he went to the San Francisco public library and read every book and using that knowledge he created himself a new costume and had new intellectual look on life. Bart was Kid Flash.

A few years later Bart’s encounter with an insane Superboy called Superboy Prime aged by four years and he took the mantle of The Flash. Bart briefly died after encounter with nemesis Intertia but like all great heroes came back from the grave as a teenager and went back to being Kid Flash.

The New 52 came along and it’s kind of up in the air if Bart has a new origin or not, so their may or may not be a part 5..

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