Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds FriendsWe touched upon Angry Birds Friends a little while ago when Green Day were featured in a special episode of the game but we haven’t really said anything else about the Facebook version of the popular mobile title.

After a brief few games on it to discover what it was about, I soon realise that it’s basically just Angry Birds on Facebook. Nothing too different from the mobile version other than exclusive levels and social integration such as challenges, rewards, and tournaments, but for some reason it’s managed to get 15 million active users since it’s launch.

Rovio are planning on taking the social orientated game full circle back onto mobile devices bringing all the social integrated aspects to mobile devices. Details are pretty vague as to release date and we’re unsure whether the game will sync with the Facebook version much like Candy Crush Saga or other Facebook X Mobile games but as soon as more is revealed we’ll let you know!

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