Anomaly Korea

Anomaly KoreaIf there was ever a time where I felt like I was in control of a key military operation in a hostile environment, it would be during my time spent with Anomaly Korea. Never before have I been so engaged in a strategy game that has kept me on my toes. All that, with some excellent touch controls.

Sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Anomaly Warzone Earth’ this next installment in series really brings home the full potential of the gameplay that has made this series so popular. You take the role of a commanding officer over a squad of powerful and unique units as you make your way through a dangerous place. Anomaly takes the idea of tower defense and flips it on it’s head as you take the role of the creep. With alien robots taking over different districts your need to make sure your ready for anything.

The gameplay gives you a range of creative and power tactical options to help you finish your mission. From the top-down perspective to the tactical map which gives you a completely new way to look at the battlefield. You always have your eyes on the full picture and can be ready for everything. You have full control over the route, the squad order and even the level and types of units. Swap out a damaged tank in the heat of battle, use a decoy to occupy alien turrets or even call in an air strike to really bring the pain down. Whatever you use and however you go about it Anomaly Korea gives you all the controls you need.

Speaking of controls, let me just say how wonderful it is to play Anomaly Korea using such tactile touch controls. Every movement, every tap and each button has a use. Anomaly korea screenNothing is out of place here and it’s all explained to you in a perfect way. I used my Nexus 7 to play this and found it more then comfortable to play for a good hour straight without any issues. Your encouraged to move around and not just sit with your hands in a locked position. Swipe, tap, scroll, tap, swipe, watch, repeat it’s a natural sense of control and it really empowers the gameplay. Not only that but the performance of Anomaly Korea is just stunning. This is one of the best looking and sounding Android games I’ve ever seen. Voice acting is a bit off at times but otherwise it’s perfect.

Offering a fantastic strategic gameplay experience within a range of challenging, yet not game breaking missions and tasks, Anomaly Korea really does achieve it’s goal. I’ve never been so engrossed in a mobile game before as I have with Anomaly Korea. I think I’ll be playing this one for a long time and you should as well. Make sure you check it out today.

Remember, it’s tower offense!

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