Remember that ‘proof-of-concept’ video that came out of CES earlier this year? Well it turns out that the people behind the IllumiRoom have provided more information on the technology at CHI 2013 along with a brand new video describing exactly what the IllumiRoom is.

Compared to the video we saw earlier this year, the video above shows of a lot more of what the IllumiRoom can offer. We’ve got a few different modes which differ in terms of how the content is displayed out side the Focus area (the TV). With the Context Full mode you’ll get the entire room filling up with the full content of the Focus area creating the illusion of a larger screen which in turn makes the content on the screen more immersive. Next the video shows of Context Edges which displays the key edges of the content on the screen – this particular mode still keeps the large display, but offers a less distracting scene. Segmented is a mode which displays the true power of the IllumiRoom and it’s object awareness by displaying the screen behind your furniture. Finally there’s Selecive, this picks out key portions of the game or video you’re watching such as explosions or gunfire and has this coming out of the Focus area. This is probably the best part of the IllumiRoom as it’s not distracting but provides the same sense of reality that you’d experience from a 3D cinema.

That however is literally just the start of what the IllumiRoom can do to your living room and gaming experience. Check out the video for more!

In the paper published for the conference in Paris had this statement: “Ideally, IllumiRoom would be directly integrated into a next generation console and new games would be designed for IllumiRoom from the ground up.” which to me points to the ‘proof-of-concept’ statement almost becoming the real thing. It really comes down to if game developers and movie editors decide to adopt this technology into their content and provide the means in order for IllumiRoom to display their content correctly through this device.

Check out the video above for more in depth details on the IllumiRoom, and check out the official Microsoft Documentation on the IllumiRoom for even more in depth details!

[Source: The Verge]

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