Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IVIt seems like not a day goes past without Apple suing someone, and that someone is most likely Samsung because something minute and meaningless is violating some sort of patent that Apple owns. This time it’s about that translucent bubble that pops up whenever you highlight a word or move the cursor whilst typing.. Really??

It is in fact a reality and is specific towards Samsung’s Galaxy, Nexus and Transform devices. The International Trade Commission judge said that Samsung was in fact violating the patent which is titled “Method and apparatus for providing translucent images on a computer display.”

The judge has ruled this violation, and if it’s upheld Samsung may face a ban on imports within the United States which effect almost all of Samsung’s products. We won’t know for sure until August when the final ruling is made, but if it is, don’t expect the Galaxy S IV to stick around for too long.

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