k-bigpicThe other day some images were found on the portfolio of UI designer Benoit Perreault from Eidos Montreal. What matters however is that he use to work at Ubisoft where he created some stunning ‘fan art’ of an Assassin’s Creed fighting game. Note however, this is not an actual project. It’s ‘fan art’.

None the less, the images that Perreault has created really offer something to think about. Sure it’s nothing overall stunning but it’s still a great bit of work in creating an Assassin’s Creed spin-off. Given that each of the characters would be able to pull off some sweet moves who knows, it could of made it as a real game. That said the unlockable Ubisoft characters are a bit out of place. No offense Rayman.

What do you think? Would an Assassin’s Creed fighting game be epic?

Source: Kotaku

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