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Best Buy Canada’s Gaming Club Twitter account sent out a rather vague but slightly exciting tweet yesterday stating that “Tomrrow” (now today) will see a “Big gaming announcement”. No other details were revealed such as who the announcement will be coming from or whether it’s a video game announcement or a console announcement, it’s something we’re just going to have to wait and see..

Last night RZ Gamers Club (@BBYC_GamersClub) a verified account associated with Best Buy Canada tweeted out “Big gaming announcement tomorrow. Any Gamers Club members have any ideas what it could be? #RZGC“. It hasn’t really taken the gaming world by storm with only one retweet, one favourite, and only five replies which leads me to believe that it might just be a promotion tweet for a new game bundle or something but I’m still holding out hope that it’s something more!

PlayStation Lifestyle pointed out that the “Big gaming announcement” might be linked with what Fred Dutton, the PS Blog Manager said in a comment on one of the websites posts: “Yes, a busy week it shall be. You can certainly expect a game announcement or two…” again, whether that’s just us clutching at straws here or whether there’s a big video game announcement on the horizon it’s best to take this information with a pinch of salt.

The Best Buy Canada twitter account that originally tweeted about the announcement left a few hints in the form of @replies with one user writing “@BBYC_GamersClub Marvel Hero’s MMO gameplay reveal, or an official date for the XBOX 720 reveal” which received the reply “@MrDubbzworth your pretty warm but you will have to wait and see tomorrow : )” and another user tweeting “@BBYC_GamersClub Announcement from whom? BestBuy or otherwise?” which got the reply “@JamboJr kinda both : )”

Both PlayStation Lifestyle and PS Blog are PlayStation blogs, so could it be an actual look at the PlayStation 4 console or just a brand new game?? We’re keeping a keen eye on Best Buy, as well as a few other outlets, so if anything manifests from this “Big gaming announcement” we’ll be sure to get on it first.

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