BlackBerry Z10

A Week In My Pocket with the BlackBerry Z10In the last few days reports have surfaced stating that the return rate of the BlackBerry Z10 are rather high. BlackBerry have stated they will be looking into the reports and have said that they are false. One report even claims that the rate of returns are higher than that of the sales rate. This isn’t the news that BlackBerry needs as after all, the Z10 is the first in a new generation of BlackBerry devices woth BlackBerry 10 OS and is a key milestone for them.

“These materially false and misleading comments about device return rates in the United States harm BlackBerry and our shareholders, and we call upon the appropriate authorities in Canada and the United States to conduct an immediate investigation.” BlackBerry Chief Legal Officer Steve Zipperstein

BlackBerry have said that sales for the Z10 are meeting expectations and that the sale rate is more then acceptable. With all this going on Blackberry is going to carry out investigations to ensure that misleading information doesn’t further damage the company.

More on this story as it’s develops.

[Source: Crackberry]

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