Cubed Rally Redline

Cubed Rally RedlineThere are various endless runners available on mobile devices such as Temple Run, Sonic Dash, and Mini Ninjas but they can become a little boring after a few hours of gameplay – in my opinion anyay! An endless runner/racer I haven’t gotten bored of though is Cubed Rally Redline, this little retro 8-bit style racer has all of the elements that make a perfect mobile game and it’s so addictive!

Cubed Rally Redline is from the developers Nocanwin, the same developer behind Fist Face Fight and other retro style games. One thing I have to rave about first is that they’ve definitely managed to achieve the old school racing game feel with this game whilst also adding in modern-ish 3D graphics. With the driving concept similar to an old NES car game I used to play and similar to that of Excite Bike where you don’t physically turn around the corners of the 3D pixel track, you switch lanes in order to preserve fuel and avoid objects and collect power-ups.

Cubed Rally RedlineThe best part of this game is that no two tracks are the same, each level is randomly generated and can vary in difficulty which is an interesting concept and keeps the game really interesting. You achieve both a distance score, and an overall score at the end so depending on what type of person you are you can either aim for a fantastic high score, or go the distance. Personally I’m the latter with a current distance score of 1,290.

Cubed Rally Redline has also included some car racing elements in it’s gameplay by having a drift powerup which enables you to drift around corners and earning points whilst you do so. Along the way there’s fuel powerups also which boost your cars fuel so you can continue along the way, there’s also a retro inspired coin pickup too which enables you to purchase new cars. They’ve also tried to appeal to the boy racer in all of us by including the chance  to purchase a car with a full body kit. There are three car colours to chose from which are available in many different styles, each car is a little faster than the last and each car cost a little more too. This adds an extra difficulty to the game as the faster the car, the quicker the races, the faster your reflexes must be in order to progress.

The graphics in Cubed Rally Redline is sort of a modern twist on the classic pixel 8-bit graphics style which adds to this games overall. The only way I can describe it is sort of a brightly coloured Minecraft racer with most of the objects and even the car take on a cube-like appearance.

Cubed Rally RedlineCubed Rally Redline is less of a racer but more of a test of your reflexes, the further you progress on the track the faster your car gets, but at the same time more obstacles appear such as a cow that has no sense of road safety, the occasional rock, and what looks like a rather toothy bear in a hole? (A gopher maybe?) From some of the images I’ve seen of this game there’s also a dinosaur at some point?

The further you progress you’ll realise how actually difficult this game can become. Help is at hand though with the Emergency Time Break. This feature briefly slows down time in order for you to manuever between obstacles. This is a feature I haven’t actually used to often as it becomes more of a hazardous feature than a helpful one.

Overall this game can appeal to almost anyone. For the person who just likes a quick casual game with one high score this is for them. For the person who loves missions and a sense of achievement, this game is for you also with various missions that you can complete throughout the game. For the person who likes to unlock the full collection of cars, this is for you also, for the competitive couple who insist on beating the other’s score, this is for you too!

It’s a game that really appeals to everyone and I certainly recommend downloading it! It’s free too!

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