The sequel to the critically acclaimed Dark Souls game, Dark Souls 2 has finally gotten some gameplay to show off.

Continuing what the series is known for Dark Souls 2 is set to present gamers with a whole new type of challenge that they are not use too. Building on what makes the series so well known, Dark Souls 2 will feature a new hero, new storyline and a new, unfamiliar world for gamers to try and survive in. The reveal shows us a new dark world, which still looks beautiful in it’s own way, and lets us meet some gruesome enemies. Should gamers take up the challenge of Dark Souls 2 it’s fair to say that from the little we have seen, it’s going to be a real test of skills.

“There are few games that are as rewarding for players as the Dark Souls series, and Dark Souls II will give every player that steps up to take the challenge a feeling of empowerment that they will never forget,” Olivier Comte, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Distribution at NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe.

Further to this, developer FromSoftware have stated that the servers that the games multiplayer elements run on will be getting a complete revamp. This is to due to Dark Souls 2 having an odd online twist which is yet to be explained in full. It will however allow gamers to earn big rewards.

More details on Dark Souls 2 will be released in the coming months and we here at n3rdabl3 will keep you posted. I for one, am personally really hyped for this release and can’t wait. I’m looking forward to my dark journey.

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