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Darkfall Unholy Wars logoDarkfall: Unholy Wars, the combat focused MMORPG from Aventurine, launched on the 16th April with a host of problems.

I myself was looking forward to the games release and what I experienced was a string of release delays, server closures and incredibly slow downloads.

The game itself was delayed to be released between 3-4 PM GMT, upon release, the entire game was to be downloaded and was met with incredibly poor download speeds from the Aventurine servers.

A day later, the game was met with server closures, resulting in a poor launch for the highly anticipated MMORPG.Darkfall unholy wars screen

Although this hindered the launch, Darkfall: Unholy Wars is up and running. If you enjoy fast-paced action combat, check out Darkfall: Unholy Wars, featuring a vast crafting system and boasting a huge medieval fantasy world!

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