death-incAmbient Studio’s has been mentioned fairly recently due to their Kickstarter for Death Inc. a weird cartoon strategy game where players take control of the Grim Reaper, failed.  They’re back in the news today because they’ve announced that they’re calling it a day and closing the studio down.

After their Kickstarter failure they promised to deliver something to those that backed the Death Inc. Kickstarter in the form of an Alpha Build, even those who didn’t back the campaign could get access to the Alpha for $10 which seemed exciting. Even throughout April we received various updates on the games progress. So it’s come as a surprise that they’ve decided to make this decision.

Due to the closure they’ve decided to issue refunds to everyone who paid $10 for the Alpha. In a statement on their website they said:

Obviously we cannot deliver on the commitments we made in the various Death Inc. alpha tiers. If you’re one of the alpha backers, don’t worry – we will be issuing full refunds so you will not be in any way out of pocket

It’s a real shame such a promising studio had to close this soon. Both Monster Meltdown and Death Inc. are fantastic games and it’s sad to hear that we won’t get to play a completed version of the game!

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