Defiance-Logo1As we continue to work on our review of Defiance, the team who works on Defiance over at Trion Worlds have sent out a little gift to current players. The email contents a small message taking note of the fact that the launch of the game has some issues and that they are sorry for that. As a way of saying thanks for sticking it out all current account holders have been sent a few items to help them out. These include…

Exclusive launch only in game title: Daredevil
1 Week weapons skill boost
1 week scrip boost
1 week loot boost
1 week XP boost

All of these are redeemable through the in game Defiance Store under the ‘Claim Items’ menu.

Following on from this Trion Worlds have acknowledged a ‘massive client patch’ coming out next week which will address a number of serious issues. They even note that a following patch will release two weeks after that. All of this is part of their continued goal of improving and developing Defiance into the best game it can be.

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