Trion Worlds were please to announce the launch of Defiance yesterday with this fantastic launch trailer showing off some of the fantastic world and gameplay that can be had within it.

In Defiance thousands of players, who take on the role of an Ark Hunter, scour a transformed Earth in search of valuable alien technology. Each ark hunter can play to their strengths, customizing special abilities as well as upgrading a huge variety of both modern and alien weaponry that is at their disposal. The game plays really well with friends or alone by yourself with missions often throwing you into the action with other players where you’ll find yourself working with others to complete each task more efficiently.

I thoroughly enjoyed the various beta’s that I took part in and I’m sure you will too, the world is amazingly vast and with the amount of customisation on both your character and your vehicles I can guarantee that anyone who’s into huge open world futuristic shooters will love this game.

Standard editions start at £44.99 for on console and £34.99 on PC.  The Collector’s Edition is available for £64.99 on console and £54.99 on PC, with a variety of in-game bonuses as well as an exclusive Hellbug figurine included in the physical version. A limited run Ultimate Edition is available for console players at £89.99 and PC players for £79.99, which includes all items in the Standard and Collector’s editions, a season pass, and an exclusive messenger bag.

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