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eJay PureI’m a huge fan of music and from an early age I began creating electronic music on various types of software. Where it all began for me though, was eJay. I remember a free demo that my cousin had that I profusely begged him to lend me and something we both spent a lot of time on over each others houses at the weekend. I’m not sure what version of eJay it was, but what pulled it in for me was it’s simplicity. It has since been replaced by FLStudio and Cubase but it might just come back into my life in the form of eJay Pure!

eJay Pure is a new version of eJay for mobiles and tablets. It’s currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign with Wired Production at the helm. Overall the game looks true to it’s roots. What attracted me to eJay was it’s simplicity and the fact that you didn’t need a vast knowledge in music to create some really catchy tunes. eJay works mainly with sound samples that fuse together seamlessly to create a song of your liking no matter how bad you are at music and as a kid, it made me feel like a freaking rock star!

eJay PureIt’s so simple any one can do it. Each sample is laid out in blocks, and each block clips together to create a larger clip. Each sample fits together with most other samples creating a completely seamless track and with different elements to the song such as Bass tracks, FX Tracks, Vocal Tracks, Key Tracks there are endless possibilities to what you can create.

The original PC versions of eJay came in many forms which suited to peoples individual tastes, there’s eJay Dance, eJay Hip Hop, eJay House, and many more electronica/tecno/dance styles.

eJay Pure is going to take all of their musical genre’s and pack them into one app for Android and iOS which will incorporate professional and up to date music samples, mixed with simplified music creation functionality. Wired Productions hope to bring this fun and easy to use music creation software to a new generation and I welcome it with open arms!

eJay Pure is set to be a free app for iOS and Android complete with touch screen specific functionality, cutting edge modern samples, and an all round awesome experience. Users will have the ability to purchase additional packs that’ll make the app even more exciting and soon enough if funding is accomplished we’ll all be mini DJ’s in the works!

Wired Productions are currently seeking £150,000 to bring eJay Pure to the masses and with each pledge every person will get a HUGE bundle of samples that’ll only be exclusive to Kickstarter backers!

For more information on eJay Pure, check out the Kickstarter page here. Seriously, check it out and pledge, this is going to be an epic app!

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