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Eve OnlineThe EVE Online universe is once again to taken steps to grow even larger. Developer CCP have launched “True Stories from the First Decade” which is an effort that aims to discover, gather and feature the greatest player stories from EVE Online.

How are they doing this? By pulling them directly from the players themselves. This is all part of a year long tenth anniversary celebration that peaks April 25-27 with EVE Fanfest and EVE’s 10th Anniversary celebration happening May 6th. Further to this the next expansion EVE Online: Odyssey on June 4th.

“Our players have entertained EVE’s followers for ten strong years, coming up with the most unique, inventive ideas and then acting them out amongst the stars, they are the backbone of this game universe and we are proud to celebrate their stories both big and small.” Torfi Frans Olafsson, Creative Director of the EVE Universe Intellectual Property Group.

The website will accept players anecdotes from all active EVE subscribers and then allows open debates and voting to help bring the popular stories forward. It’s a fun way to get the players involved once more in an ever changing game universe. The game has very few limits on the ways in which players can action and over the years this has results in some interesting stories. With the recent addition of DUST 514 into the EVE Universe the stories are set to become even more stunning.

Submissions are open until May 1st and voting will last for two weeks after that. Once finished the highest ranked story will receive a trip to Iceland for two to visit CCP. To submit your story and learn more head over to the True Stories website here.

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