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Screenshot_2013-04-12-19-28-50With the recent announcement of Facebook Home and it’s imminent release on certain Android devices, it’s only fair that those of us who don’t have a HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung GALAXY S III or a Samsung GALAXY Note II get the chance to experience some of the things that Facebook Home offers!

As of today, Facebook Messenger gives those of us without the phones named above to have the floating Chat Heads showcased in the big Facebook Home reveal. They give users easy access to people we message most often as well as the last person spoke to.

In a small overlaying bubble that stays on top of every app, the Chat Heads give us quick access to Facebook messages as well as the ability to reply without exiting the app you’re currently using.

To enable the Chat Heads make sure you’ve got the latest Facebook Messenger, find the conversation you’d like to have floating on your home screen, press and hold the conversation, and select “Pop out chat head”. Enjoy!

I think this is a pretty nifty little feature and something I’ll be having on my phone for a while! If you’re not much of a fan however press and hold the Chat Head and flick it off the screen to get rid.

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