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As of recent I’ve found a distinct lack of games that I want to play on my iPhone, and last night I came across the App Stores ‘App of the Week’. Phoster, still not a game but I’m very glad I didn’t pass up the opportunity to download it. The app is basically posters using your photos – Phoster!

This little gem of an app is far from new, released 13th October ’10 but is an incredible, fresh idea that has aged really well. I’m not sure if  there is something like this on the App store already, but Phoster is just generally delightful! I’ve played around with it a little so far and the ease of use in compassion to the amazing results is superb, with minimal effort you can make nifty looking posters in all different styles. Some posters are a bit more recognisable  than others for example, you may see a poster template that looks alot like the poster for 2010 film – The Social Network.

Varied templates mean there is a poster for everyone of your photos and certain templates will sometimes totally change the feel of the picture. One of the only drawbacks for a certain amount of people is that the app is at the moment only for iOS devices, so Android users may have to just sit tight for now.

AC PhosterPhoster isn’t something I’ve seen before and I actually really enjoyed the concept of it, my favourite part in particular is at the end where you can add a more poster-like feel to it. Coffee stains, folded paper, Dots and even a dust effect making an appropriate Phoster for any occasion.

As it stands now the app is going to be free for the rest of the week. Yes, that’s right iTunes ‘App of the Week’ is free for the rest of the week. You can get Phoster for your self by following the link and start breathing some new life into your old iPhone snaps!

If you are just like me and have only recently downloaded Phoster, let me know what you think. But if you have had this amazing little app for a while tell me how you came across it and your thoughts. As always leave all your comments down below!

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