Garfield’s Wild Ride

Developer Vetasoft is working on a new iOS and Android game featuring everyones favorite cat, Garfield.

Set in the style of a ‘runner’ game players will be able to take Garfield through a wild adventure as he does what he does Garfield The Catbest, sleep. However here, Garfield dreams some wild adventures which is where players will find the fun. Said to offer easy and intuitive gameplay, using simple touch controls, Garfield’s Wild Ride is suitable for everyone. With an endless mode across five different worlds and offering 45 mission to clear, there is a lot to get through.

The game will be a free to play game with in app purchases, including hats, power ups and much more. No final release day is set yet but the developers are hoping for a release later this month for both iOS and Android. So get ready to dive into a colourful, cartoon world that is home to good old Garfield.

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