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The .GIF is clearly becoming a popular image type, with tumblr blogs dedicated to .GIF’s of cats, and reddit being littered with reaction .GIF’s calling OP names. Even Google has jumped on the .GIF train! So it only seems right that I check out some of the GIF maker apps available on the App store and one that really stuck out for me was the GIF Camera.

The GIF Camera is a fantastic app which simply takes a short clip of video and turns it into an animated GIF. You then have the option to choose what frames go into the GIF and how many frames per second the GIF will last. It’s so easy to create a looping GIF with this app anyone could do it.

Once you’ve created your GIF you have the option to save the GIF into your GIF album and then share it on Facebook or the chinese social network Sina Weibo or email it to a friend.

The app also features a “funny” GIFs section full of ‘funny’ GIFS from about the web giving you the option to share to Twitter or Sina Weibo. These GIFs are often really small an illegible and a part of the app I don’t use too often!

GIF camera also gives you the option to make a GIF from your local images, so you can make a slideshow or a GIF from multiple images of your face.. or something…

Compared to your phones camera resolution the GIF images do come out quite small 270×360 (the one above in this post is the picture at full resolution) compared to my camera’s usual 3264×2448. But for a short GIF it’s not bad!

Overall it’s a nice little app that creates simple GIF’s from your camera in an instant. If you’re looking for video quality GIF’s then keep looking as you can only really make choppy GIF’s with around 20 frames to play with. Its a free app though that can be used to create some funny animated GIF’s, it’s at least worth a try!

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