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So here it is, April 1st, otherwise known as April Fools Day the one day out of an entire year where it’s ‘okay’ to pull pranks on friends, family, and loved ones. In Italy, France, and Belgium adults tend to run around trying to pin paper fish on eachother and then shouting “April Fish” in their respective languages. However you plan on ‘celebrating’ this unofficial prankster holiday you’ve got to hand it to Google, they pull it out of the bag every year, this year is no different…

Google have taken to all of their outlets this year with YouTube, Google+, Google Maps and Google Search getting an April Fools Day make-over. So what did they do?

Goodbye YouTube

If you watch the video above you’ll be able to see the first of Google’s April 1st pranks. They revealed YouTube to just be an 8 year long talent contest to find the greatest video of all time. The prank goes like this. After midnight last night YouTube will no longer be accepting uploads, after 8 years it’s time to shut down YouTube, sit down and sift through the millions of video’s until they announce the winner when the site goes back online in 2023.

Not only that, the winner of the YouTube talent contest will win an MP3 player that clips to your sleeve, and a $500 stipend for your next creative endeavour! How could you not be excited!

Google NoseGoogle Nose

Google Nose is probably one of my favourites, I love these particular pranks like Gmail Motion a few years back. These are the ones that could actually be possible, and even though it’s so obviously a prank, you can’t help but give it a try. C’mon I’m not the only one??

So what’s Google Nose? It’s basically smell-o-vision that’s been integrated into the Google Search you’ll be given a completely random search like “Campsite” or “Airport Terminal” or even “Diaper” and you’re given the option to “Smell” “Share aroma” or find out “How it Works”. If you click “Smell” you’re presented with a little dialogue box to ‘Bring your nose as close as you can to the screen and press Enter’ once done so you’re presented with a quiet humm from the speakers as the smell transmits. If using a mobile you’re prompted to press the “Smell” button with your nose.

Well done Google, I knew it was a joke, but I really wanted to smell Brownies!

google treasure

Google Treasure Maps

Google do this every year, last year we had Google Maps 8-bit where Google added an 8-bit layer that you could use to explore the world in all of it’s 8-bit glory. This year however we have Google Treasure Maps a layer which turns the world into a treasure map complete with hand drawn landmarks and Pirates! There’s also a fantastic sepia telescope mode when entering street-view. Super authentic!

karenvincentGoogle+ Emotion

This is a feature I’m sure people will actually want. Google+ Emotion is a ‘new’ feature in which Google+ recognises the faces within a picture and adds an emoticon which almost mimics the face the person is pulling. If you want to try this out head on over to your Google+ page edit a photo of you and your friends and click the little smiley face in the top left, give it a few seconds and ‘boom’ cute little emoticons!

[Google+ Emotions Image Source]

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