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EA announced yesterday that SimCity has got a free piece of DLC in the form of the Nissan Leaf Charging Station. This nifty in game item provides more than you think at no cost at all to your city, or you for that matter!

SimCity didn’t get off to a great start really did it? What with the server issues and all. But it looks like EA is trying to redeem themselves by first offering a free game to effected customers and now with free DLC! Okay, it’s not the most sought after item but what it offers in terms of rewards in terms of cost is impressive to say the least. The Nissan Leaf Charging Station provides happiness to the Sims that use it and a onetime wave of happiness to the nearby businesses, at what cost? None, it produces no sewage or garbage nor does it draw power, water or workers away from your city.

This item seems like a total steal, a free bit of DLC that uses no resources and produces no waste and gives happiness to Sims and nearby businesses what’s the catch? Well for those of you that are bothered by advertisements, that’s the catch. It’s basically a really obvious stab at a sponsored item by Nissan and some advertising to gamers who play SimCity.

Details on the Nissan Leaf Charging Station and how to get it can be found on the EA Forum post.

This might be a one time thing, or an idea of things to come in terms of free sponsored DLC for SimCity, who knows perhaps the next lot will be a sponsored McDonalds or Burger King for your city. I’d certainly download that!

Could you see this becoming the future for SimCity DLC and is it something you’re interested in getting? Leave a comment below!

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