CRYTEK_CMYKIn a recent interview, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli was asked about the importance of graphics and a debate has started. Known for being a man who speaks his mind, Cevat Yerli wasn’t going to stop for this debate. So much that his answer surprised the members of X360 Magazine.

“People say that graphics don’t matter, but play Crysis and tell me they don’t matter. It’s always been about graphics driving gameplay. In Crysis 3 it’s the grass and the vegetation, the way the physics runs the grass interact and sways them in the wind. You can read when an AI enemy is running towards you just by observing the way the grass blades.” Cevat Yerli went on to say.

It’s a question that has been asked by gamers and developers for some time. What is the most important element in a game? Graphics have always stood out as a clear winner but personally, I would have to disagree with Cevat Yerli. Though it’s only my personally view, as the above is Cevat Yerli. I would personally have gameplay over graphics. I can forgive a games level of visual fidelity, so long as it’s fun to play.

That said, what do you think about this debate? Are graphics really all that important in games?

source: X360 Magazine

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