GRiD 2

GRiD 2Yesterday Codemasters lifted the lid on GRiD 2’s multiplayer mode which is set to fully immerse players in the GRiD racing world.

GRiD 2’s multiplayer will be powered by RaceNet the online extension for most of Codemasters racing games which tracks players’ races, rivals and rewards. In GRiD 2’s multiplayer game mode it hopes to offer an entirely distinct progression system, seperate from career mode, offering depth and flexibility.

GRiD 2 has a miltitude of online modes suited to all players. Whether they Powered by RaceNet the online extension for most of Codemasters racing games, tracks players’ races, rivals and rewards, and hopes tojust want to jump into a quick game online or take part in some local split screen multiplayer, specialise in their favourite event or even become one of the best cross dicipline racers (somethng which this game focuses on – a lot), you can!

GRiD 2Each of the game’s wide range of game modes can be played with up to 12 players which also includes custom races based on players preferences.

GRiD 2 also offers a new anti-griefing system which hopes to seperate the more aggressive players from the players who take care and prefer to have a clean race which is something other games struggle to offer.

Along with a bunch of race types there’s also a whole host of other features which set to make this online experience the best yet. With GRiD 2 Rivals gamers will always have someone to play with three Rival types: Weekly Rival: an automatically selected Rival to compete against based on abillity and activity in the game to ensure a well matched challenger. Social Rival: Players can choose Social Rivals from friends or players recently raced. And finally GRiD 2 Rivals offers a Custom Rival option which lets players choose a Custom Rival based on parameters including event type or geograpghical location. you’re likely to hear a lot over the next few months is “Social” and that’s exactly what RaceNet has to offer in GRiD 2 with the chance to access an app for your smartphones and tablets around launch. There’s also the ability to upload clips to YouTube which is pretty awesome!

I’m really excited for this game, not only for what it’s single player will have to offer, but just look at how awesome the multiplayer is going to be!

GRiD 2 is scheduled for release on May 31st on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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