Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar officially unveiled the box art to their next Grand Theft Auto title and it’s pretty much what we expected. It shows off a couple of the vehicles I’m sure we can all use, as well as each of the three protagonists who’ll feature in the game’s vast story line.

Grand Theft Auto V will feature three protagonsists; Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, an unlikely trio who come together to perform a heist (well that’s what some of the art confirms anyway). The game will give players the chance to play through each of the characters story lines which should make this game the longest GTA yet.

With more side missions and mini games this instalment is set to be one that’ll stay in peoples consoles for a while.

GTA V is scheduled to be released for Xbox and PlayStation on September 17th unfortunately there’s still no PC release despite a petition getting over 165,000 signatures.

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