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Instagram has quite possibly become one of the many must-have apps for the younger generation. Its not only a picture sharing site, its practically a social network within itself and gives people the ability to share anything they can point their phone cameras at and add various filters and effects to make their images even fancier.

Why keep it on the screen though? There are various services offering Instagram prints but none have really stood out to me. I was recently sent a few sample images from and I immediately fell in love with them.

They’re printed in a faux-Polaroid style on really high quality 350gsm silk glossy photo card and from only £8 you can choose up to 18 different photos already on your Instagram account. What’s best is that there’s no need to upload your images to you just have to log-in to your Instagram account, and allow InstaPrint to access your images to view your photos and then pick pictures from your Instagram library it’s totally safe and none of your information is used other than the photo’s you want printing.

Polaroids aren’t where they stop. They also offer to have your Instagram pictures printed in sticker form with £8 getting you 24 high quality stickers printed on 150gsm Matt Crack-Back paper which is perfect for getting your stickers off the sticky back part without ruining your picture.

There are many more options in terms of numbers with the Polaroid prints going from 18 for £8, 27 for £10, and 36 for £12. As for stickers there’s 24 for £8,  48 for £10 and 72 for £12.

Click here for Instagram Prints by and click here to check out my wife’s blog to see how we’re displaying them!

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