Black Ops 2 Uprising Mob of the Dead

Activision seemed to act much quicker than last time when their Revolution Map Pack DLC leaked online. It took them a fair few weeks to officially announce the DLC after it’s initial leaks, something they managed to act on much quicker after the various leaks regarding the Uprising map pack which they announced with a trailer last night.


So here we have it, Black Ops 2 “Uprising”. A new map pack that contains four multiplayer maps and one rather exciting Zombies map. With the four multiplayer maps, Encore, Vertigo, Magma, and Studio, this map pack has been described as “the most fan-centric DLC packge” that Treyarch have ever created and to be honest it really shows!

First we’ve got Encore, a map that’s based in an outdoor stage amphitheatre where the center stage dominates the map. Based in London this map contains an elevated stage as well as various dipping points behind certain parts of the stands. It seems like a rather central focused map with everything pointing towards the stage. Something I believe is where most of the action is going to take place with snipers taking roost up amongst the stands.

bo2magmaMagma is a map based in a town that’s currently suffering from an erupting volcano, this map is the first to introduce lava as an in game hazard which unlike in zombies won’t just hurt you until you can escape it, it looks as if it’s as much as an instant killer as the water in Hydro. Definitely something you could use to your advantage if you’re driving players backwards into the flow of Lava. Hopefully this also provides a warning like the water hazard within the Hydro map.

bo2vertigoNext up Vertigo. This map could be looked at as a clone of High Rise from Modern Warfare 2, but though it shares the same concepts they’ve introduced more player friendly elements such as the ability to jump from one building to another. This looks like a great bright map full of twists and turns and definitely one I’ll be excited to play.

Finally Studio, this map from the looks of it and the description within the video, is a direct clone of Firing Range from the last Black Ops game but with a completely new appearance. The overall layout looks the same, but with a new look with dinosaurs, pirates, and ancient castle movie sets. It’ll be interesting to see if this map plays the same as the old Firing Range map, a map which was on my favourites list.


The new Zombies map is also one I’m really exited for; Mob of the Dead. An entirely new Zombies experience set within Alcatraz with four brand new characters from famous Mob culture. These are Goodfellas’ Ray Liotta who appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Joe Pantoliano from The Sopranos, Chazz Palminteri, who plays Fat Tony in The Simpsons, and finally Reservoir Dogs’ Michael Madsen. Being only familiar with Fat Tony, I’ve been assured by our resident Mob fanatic Ollie that these guys are awesome so that’s that!

As usual the Uprising Map Pack will be coming to Xbox 360 players first on the 16th April for the usual price of  1200 MS Points.


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