One thing that’s started to bug me is the amount of “free” and “open” Wi-Fi hotspots that aren’t necessarily open, nor are they free. They often require you to sign up to their website using every detail they could possibly imagine, or they request payment using your call time or via card payment. I’ve actually given up playing cat and mouse with ‘free’ Wi-Fi hotspots and sacrifice my data instead. That was until I spotted Karma..

First off let me point out that I may sound like a hypocrite by bragging about a Wi-Fi hotspot that does require some sort of sign-up to use, but I’ll explain it why further down!

Karma is a pay-as-you-go portable Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s about the size of a tennis ball and a single charge should last for about 6-8 hours use. Now the main feature of Karma is social sharing. The Wi-Fi signal you put out is open, and anyone can sign in. Why would you want other people using your Wi-Fi? Well let me put it into a real world scenario.


You buy Karma and sign in with your Facebook details through a secure connection and immediately you’re awarded 1GB of data for free.  You can use this however you wish and if you require more you can purchase an extra 1GB for $14.

Now lets say you’re travelling to London from Leicester. The on board Wi-Fi costs around £5 an hour so you know people don’t want to use that, so switch on your Karma Wi-Fi box and let other people use your 4G connected Wi-Fi hub! Why? Well for every person who connects and signs in with their Facebook details or email, you recieve 100MB of data for free, and so do they! Each person who connects to your personal Karma gives you an extra 100MB and you can have up to 8 people connected at once which means at the most optimal time you could earn up to 800MB.

That’s just an incredible idea and something I really wanted to write about but unfortunately Karma only has coverage in the US which is a real bummer, but the idea alone is something that I love and definitely something I’d love to have come to the UK at some point. So yes, you have to sign in using your Facebook details, but its yours personally to use and the connection is fully secure and Karma don’t keep your details and use it for marketing.

For those of you in the US, Karma costs $79 and comes with 1GB of free data for you to use however you wish. For more information check out https://yourkarma.com/

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