iPhoneAs you may have already expected, an iPhone 5S might be on it’s way sometime this year with production of the next generation iPhone starting in the second quarter of this year. This also springs more news of the Cupertino company talking about a cheaper iPhone which also might be in development.

The iPhone Mini, or not so ‘mini’ if the rumours are to be believed, is a more price orientated iPhone with a 4-inch screen with different multi-colour casings than that on the higher end smartphone. According to the Wall Street Journal “Apple continues to work with its manufacturing partners in Asia on a less expensive iPhone that could be launched as soon as the second half of this year” but various Apple representatives have refused to comment on these rumours.

In less exciting news, the iPhone 5S has said to be going into production and we should see the next generation iPhone on sale usually around Summertime. Apple will most likely announce the 5S at their annual WWDC which usually see’s a new iPhone and some updates to the iPad (if not a new generation iPad). I assume the iPad Mini will have some sort of update this year too, and most likely a new iOS version will be announced.

I think the market does actually need a cheaper iPhone, with the various affordable Android handsets available it’s starting to get a little crowded compared to the small amount of iOS devices available. Your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

[Source: Wall Street Journal]


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