merc elite

merc eliteSet in the near future, Merc Elite is a whole new take on the military games with a mix of modern warfare along with team based combat. A bit of a hybrid yes, I’m not really sure where the MOBA part comes into play, perhaps it’s the top-down perspective play style that consists of five versus five team battles? None the less, Merc Elite looks to offer a fun gameplay experience.

Using what is being dubbed a ‘direct fire aiming system’ the game will make players take all elements into account. From line of sight, cover, high and low ground and much more just to land a shoot. The game also features classes rather then characters meaning your be able to level up and build a rather personal team.

Being developed by Bigpoint, one of Europe’s leading online game developers and publishers, there is a fair bit of power behind Merc Elite. Though not much is available at the minute you can sign up for the closed beta on their site.

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