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Windows Phone 8Over the past few months I’ve become increasingly pissed off towards Windows Phone and the blatant anti-Android campaigns they’ve been launching. This rumoured new Switch to Windows Phone app really takes the biscuit though..

So what is the Switch to Windows Phone app? It’s basically what it says on the tin, this app scans your Android Phone for it’s current app list and uploads it to Microsoft’s SkyDrive. It’s unclear if it also stores contacts, pictures, messages, phone records, and other probably more important things than apps but there you go..

When the user gets their Windows Phone they then download and install the equivalent app which then takes the list of Android apps and installs the same apps onto the Windows Phone. If the app isn’t available (which I suspect will be the case for most apps) the Switch to Windows Phone app then suggest apps similar ones from the Windows Store.

It’s fairly clear that this is another outright attack on Android and an attempt to steal away Android customers from the Google platform because there’s no plans for an iOS Switch to Windows Phone app.

It’s crap like this which really puts me off even looking at a Windows Phone, something which I’d really like to keep an open mind about but Microsoft are sure making it difficult.

[Source: Android Spin]

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