horsessIn a fairly recent Minecraft snapshot (13w16a) the gang at Mojang have added Horses and Donkeys for us to mount and ride throughout the vast Minecraft world. These features along with a new leash feature isn’t available in the main game, but as a test build or snapshot which you can download here.

Snapshot 13w16a is probably the most exciting test build to be added to the block mining and building game with the addition of Horses, a new ridable animal which you’ll have to train in order to ride. Horses are a special type of animal which require a Minecraft equivalent of horse whispering in order to safely ride your noble steed without being thrown off.. This is done by feeding the horse carrots or a new item, Hay! Once your horse recognises you as it’s master you can craft saddles and armour for your equestrian pal.

Horses are also unique in the fact that each horse has different stats, some can jump higher, others have more health. You can breed horses just like the other animals in Minecraft except when you breed a horse with strong health with another equally as strong horse you’ll get a more superior foal.

There is also an Undead and Skeleton version of the horse included in the code, although they require NBT editing to view ingame.

horsesDonkeys are also a new addition and behave just like horses but this time they can carry chests on their backs! (though at the moment no inventory is available). You can also create mules by breeding a donkey with a horse!

Another new addition to this snapshot is the addition of leads. They can be used to bind mobs to fences or lead them around which is an awesome addition if you’re always losing your livestock.

For a closer look at the other additions within the new test build check out the Minecraft Wiki Page.

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I think you did a great job!!!! I have been waiting for horses since 1.3.2!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!! You are awesome!!! There’s no way I think you could make it better ,
Unless you could use the chests on donkeys and put them on horses. But it’s still the best thing since minecraft cake!!!!!!!!!!!!