Black Ops 2 Uprising Mob of the Dead

I think we can all agree that many of the Call of Duty Zombie games have had hidden musical gems that have complemented the feel of absolute terror that players witness whilst battling hordes of the undead dirt-bags!

Mob of the Dead is the fifteenth zombies map to be released, and is set Prohibition-Era America. The game is set on possibly the most famous prisons ever to be constructed and the guys at Treyarch have captured it really, really well. But enough about the map, we’re here to talk about the soundtrack. Released yesterday (23rd), the soundtrack features Mob of the Dead characters26 tracks to bring the terrors of Alcatraz to you MP3 device. You will also receive two bonus tracks from Die Rise and Tranzit which were previously unreleased.

This is not Treyarch’s first outing into the musical world, as they had previously released an album to the original Black Ops zombies in 2011. On the new album Treyarch have worked with Clark S. Nova as well as Judith de los Santos Remero on more than one track. It’s an indication as to the work that has gone into Mob of the Dead when Treyarch are able to release the music from this terrifying game mode.

You can download the full album including the two previous zombie tracks from iTunes for £7.99 by following the link – “Mob of the Dead” Soundtrack and can also be downloaded from Amazon for £7.49 here. I find that more and more soundtracks to games are becoming the norm, and in all honesty I can see why. The music complements the feel of the game you are playing and immerses you just that little bit more, so when you have that same soundtrack playing whilst your driving along it gives you this very odd perspective on the real world. Or at least it does for me.

Let me know what you think of this soundtrack and other game soundtracks, do you have a favourite? And do you agree with the fact that a soundtrack out of a game can change you perspective on the everyday world? As always let me know in the comments below!

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