Ms Splosion Man Flying

I haven’t heard of Ms. Splosion Man before in all honesty, in fact I hadn’t heard of her husband either, so when I was given a code to the new iOS version of Ms. Splosion Man I was going to be totally open to whatever was going to come my way. And basically what came my way was a great game bursting with comedy!

Ms Splosion Man DanceMs. Splosion Man was originally available on the xbox live arcade and is still for 800 Microsoft points! But we aren’t here to talk about the delights of Microsofts marketplace! The iOS version of this game is exactly the same as its console counterpart, only this time the adventure of the science mishap has gone mobile.

You got a problem? Yo, she’ll splode it. At the Big Science after-party celebrating the capture of Splosion Man, a spill of champagne shorts out the safety protocols on the splosionatrix and from it emerges Ms. Splosion Man.

The iOS outing from Pixel Games has many features within the game but for me the stand out one was the comedy, from loading the game up and watching the tutorial, it’s instantly apparent as to how funny this game is going to be. Ms. Splosion Man is a sassy, character with massive amounts of attitude and dance moves to kill and it plays a large factor in the game. Whilst standing idle Ms. Splosion Man will bust some moves and always has a remark to make when fighting some large and visually impressive bosses!

The game itself features 50 levels spread over 3 large worlds, simple controls for ease of play for all ages, challenges to test even the most skilled of players, bright and enticing graphics to keep you getting the best out of the game each time you pick it up. One of the biggest features in the game is the fact that there are two possible endings to Ms. Splosion Mans big adventure!

Ms Splosion Man RunThe only minor drawback that I can think of for, and it’s only really for arguments sake is that you have to pay to unlock more levels. Pay in the sense with coins earned in the game, not ‘real life’ money. Sometimes though you will find that you will need to re-do levels two or three times to collect enough money to unlock the following levels.

The iOS version of Ms. Splosion Man was released 28th March 2013 so it still really is a new game and for £1.99 it can all be yours by following the link to Ms. Splosion Man.

If you’ve played Ms. Splosion Man from the Arcade then I’m sure you will enjoy this mobile version. So why not download it and let me know of what you think of this splosive game in the comments below!

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