Broken Record

Broken RecordThese past few weeks have been witness to some extraordinary musical and technology milestones that really prove how popular online streaming music really has become with both Daft Punk and PSY setting some pretty hefty records after the releases of their new songs.

The past month or so Daft Punk have been teasing us with their new album Random Access Memories which is scheduled for release on May 21. Their latest track “Get Lucky” featuring N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams has broken some pretty awesome records on not just one, but two music streaming services. Three days after the release of their new track it already hit number one on both French and UK iTunes charts and number three in the US, not only that it also became the biggest streaming day for a single track on Spotify. Pretty impressive!

PSY also released his next single following the success of Gangnam Style, this particular track titled “Gentlemen” added another YouTube accolade to the Korean singers belt with the most video views in a day with a staggering 22-plus million views. The video currently stands at just over 200 million which is pretty impressive.

It’s achievements like this that really prove to me how important the online music business has really become to musicians and artists alike. A definite change to how music online was perceived ten or fifteen years ago.

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