State of Decay

State of Decay is still my most anticipated game of 2013 and you may remember at the very beginning of the year I posted a large amount of details concerning the game here. A couple of months have passed and Undead Labs have released a trailer just yesterday!

From the video Undead Labs have covered a vast amount of stuff in just one minute and twenty seconds. From various characters and zombies to different locations there is a lot to take in. We’ve got a varied ‘cast’ of survivors – men and women alike. Locations wise, Zombie Hordethere seems to be two types of locations revealed – a small rural town with the usual things you would expect form a apocalyptic town. Smashed stores and empty gas stations. And the second is the great outdoors, there seems to be forests and open fields as well as mountainous areas, so there looks like there could be literally a lot of ground to cover. Other thing are shown like the cars available which as you may remember will not be your ticket out of the hell hole, from American muscle to beat-up pick-ups the vehicles side of the game looks great. Zombies are zombies – scary as hell and you want to keep away from them! But if you do find yourself trapped with the undead coming towards you, you can use one of the many weapons to dispose of their heads, or any other limb you can reach!

There is still no word on the very under-wraps multiplayer part of State of  Decay – Class4. But as soon as we know something you can bet you, the reader will know something!

In other news, State of Decay is expected to be released in June of this year, which is not long to wait at all! If you’ve been following the goings on in State of Decay, let me know what you think of the game in the comments below!

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