I’m fairly new to case reviews, and I also expect this review to be pretty short. So let me begin with a story. The Nexus 4 is a fantastic phone, I’m a little late to the Nexus party hence why I haven’t written a review about it yet, but I plan do plan to. I’ll let you in on a little spoiler though, the only real downside to the Nexus 4 is the back of the phone.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty with it’s sparkly rain effect decoration, but it’s flat and smooth. After a few hours of having my Nexus 4 I realised that only bad things can come from a phone with a smooth flat back because after around 10 seconds of placing it on top of a book that was resting at a slight angle on the arm of the sofa it ended up crashing to the floor. You think that’d teach me to not put my phone on flat surfaces right? Well it kind of did, but even when I thought the phone was on a perfectly level surface it somehow decided to take a walk off the edge again.

So one thing I learned from this story is that with the Nexus 4 you need a case. They’ve apparently tried to rectify the problem by placing some small rubber “feet” on the edge of the phone, but of course mine doesn’t have that and if you purchased a Nexus 4 before today chances are yours wont either.

So yeah, I needed a case. What better than one by a brand named ArmourDillo?

case2The ArmourDillo Hybrid Case is a multifunctional case with a stand. It’s very solid and has lots of grip both in your hands and on surfaces (yay!). The case as a whole  is rubber, but has a textured armadillo effect plastic back, with a small plastic clip that flips out into a stand. This unfortunately makes it a rather thick and bulky case which might put some people off but don’t fret too much, the hard plastic back with the stand does come off the case leaving just the rubber inner part. It removes a little from the overall bulk, but it does still remain along the sides.

The feel of this case is very solid, it hugs my phone perfectly but isn’t too difficult to take on and off. On occasion the hybrid plastic part does become a little loose around the edge of the rubber casing, but I don’t actually have that part on too often. I have since dropped my phone with the case attached and unlike some hard cases it didn’t bounce around, it took the force of the drop and stayed exactly where it fell.

The buttons on the side are a little difficult to press in, but that’s not too much of an issue for me anyway.

case1Overall this is a very solid case. It feels well built and the harder shell with the stand has a strange gripping but silky feel to touch. The stand at times can rattle and become annoying making the case feel a little cheap, but with that removed it doesn’t jeopardise the cases integrity and it remains solid with the outer shell removed or not.

I received this case for review purposes and I’m pleased I did it is a solid case which eases my mind when it occasionally crashes to the ground, but would I pay the asking price of £12.95? I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t pay that much for an Otterbox case..

You can get this any many other Nexus 4 Cases at

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True dat
True dat

I’d like it better if it was called an ‘armadilly case’ :D


Well it certainly looks grippy and protected. It's also ugly as sin.

Aaron Richardson

I have to agree with you there! It looks much better with the plastic shell off.