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Castlevania Logo

One of the greatest and most devilish games ever made has finally made its way onto the 3DS eShop – Castlevania. This NES classic has both enthralled and frustrated gamers since its release in 1986.

Perhaps the epitome of the side scroller genre Castlevania puts the player in the role of Simon Belmont in a quest to finally kill Count Dracula, armed with a whip and Holy Water Simon must defeat enemies including the mummy, Frankenstein’s monster and the Grim Reaper whilst all the while dodging countless enemies and horror movie clichés.

Many games in the modern era claim to be true tests of gaming capability but I would wager that the majority of those who count themselves among the gaming fraternity would struggle to get anywhere near the final boss, let alone defeat him. I speak from experience as after 12 years I have only just managed to complete the game! Many will view the re-re-release of this game (since it was part of the NES classics range on the GBA) as a sign that new ideas are not forthcoming at Nintendo, but if these people will take off the glasses of cynicism and view the game for what it is I’m sure they’ll agree that it stands the test of time extraordinarily.

The only negative with this incarnation of the game is that the 3DS control layout feels too large, though this may be simply due to personal experience on older consoles. Even with this minor issue this download is more than worth the nominal  fee, grab your whip and get cracking! (sorry!)

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