Nintendo today launched the beta version of Miiverse for web and mobile. Users of the Nintendo-themed social network can now sign in on through the web browser on their PC, or on their smartphones/tablets with dedicated mobile versions of the website.

If you’re a Wii U owner, Miiverse is actually pretty great. Each game has its own community where you can post comments and discuss the game with other players. You can upload screenshots and even handwritten notes and drawings. In some cases the game developers will interact directly with fans (the New Super Mario Bros U dev team use Miiverse to do this frequently).wii-u-miiverse-online-voci-chat-unboxing-news-1

Until now the only way to access Miiverse has been through Wii U. The web version is being considered a beta, and there’s still plenty which can’t be done through the web or mobile sites, including posting in communities, handwritten posts, editing profiles, and sending receiving messages. Actually, pretty much the only use for the web version right now is for viewing your activity feed and profiles.

It’s expected that Nintendo will launch an update for Nintendo 3DS to enable Miiverse functionality later this year. Until then, or until the website is updated to support more functionality, the only way to fully enjoy Miiverse is through a Wii U – something which will no doubt severely limit the number of gamers who sign up to the service.

[Link: Miiverse]

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